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Loch Lomond Rowing Club -  RESULTS 2011

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19/20 November 2011 Inverness Fours and Small Boats Head
winner of OJu 18 1x

260 crews took part in the Inverness Fours and Small Boats Heads which took place in sunny and calm weather conditions on Saturday and Sunday, 19th and 20th November on the Caledonian Canal in Inverness over a 4500m course from Dochgarroch to the Inverness Rowing Club Clubhouse.

On Saturday In Division 2, Tom Claxton rowed in a composite with Strathclyde Park and they were 3rd fastest crew overall (16:27.30min) and winners of the OJu 18 4x.

Ju 16 2x
Oliver, Finlay, Ryan and Ben were 2nd in the OJU16 4x in an excellent time of 19:22.1min.

On Sunday in the 1st Division, Tom partnered with Graham Ord in the OJU18 2x and they were the 5th fastest crew down the course and WON their age group in 17:43.12min
Ben Cartwright was 6th in the OJU16 1x in 21:00.4min
Oliver Monteith was 8th In the OJU16 1x in 21:15.7min
Finlay Watson was 11th in the OJU16 1x in 23:24.7min
Ryan Morrison was 12th in the OJU16 1x in 23:32.5min
Martin Claxton was 3rd Veteran past the finish line in 21:35.8min (22:30.8min)

On Sunday in the 2nd Division, Tom again WON, this time in his single scull in a time of 19:42.91min
Ben and Oliver were 6th in the OJU16 2x in 20:56.3min
Ryan and Finlay were 7th in the OJU16 2x in 21:32.0min
Martin rowed in the MR2 1x and was 9th in 23:28.1min

for photos go to our photo page  and  all results

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Oliver, Finlay, Ryan, Ben and Tom Claxton (cox) were the only Loch Lomond representatives at the Glasgow Rowing Club Fours Head, on Saturday 5th Nov., which was held on the River Clyde over a downstream course of approx. 5000m.  The weather was sunny, calm, but cold!

In the 1st Division the OJU15 quad were 14th out of 28 boats, winning their age category in a time of 21:36min and in the 2nd Division they were 16th out of 30 boats and again 1st in their age group of OJU14 in 21:55min - this time the crew was Ryan, Oliver, Finlay, Paulo Galano (Clydesdale) and Ben as cox. In both divisions they were faster than some much more senior crews!  . WELL DONE!    for full results go to the GRC website

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clyde head OJU14x+
winner OJU14x+
Clyde Head - 29th October   all 

Loch Lomond had 4 juniors and one Veteran (the coach) taking part in the 3 Devision head race on the Clyde.
Devision 1: Oliver Monteith managed to negotiate the bends well and was 1st in the MJ14 in 11.10min.
   Finlay Watson (MJ14) capsized 50 m before the finish but managed to get back in and get a time (15.14min)
 Ryan Morrison (MJ14) capsized next to GRC after his blade got clipped by another rower.
                     Martin Claxton - VetD was 3rd in 11.18min
Devision 2: Oliver and Ben did really well in their double in MJ16 (they are only MJ15) to gain 4th place in 10.27min
                     Ryan and Finlay  also had a good row in MJ16 (they are only MJ14) to get 5th place in 11min.
Devision 3: Martin again raced in his single in VetD in 13.52min
Lots of photos are on 'davidnolan4's flickr page'

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World Rowing Masters Regatta - 8th to 11th Sept.

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Over 3000 participants from 37 countries took part in this year's 38th FISA World Rowing Masters in Poznan, Poland.

Many Scottish clubs took part in a wide variety of rowing and sculling events.


Two masters athletes from Loch Lomond Rowing Club, Martin Claxton and Eva Rankin ventured to Poland to compete in multiple events.

On first two days of competition, Thursday and Friday the weather was rather windy and the water very choppy, but since these are similar weather conditions to those on the Loch, Eva and Martin coped very well.

Eva competed in a composite with Aile Ord and Liz Davidson from Strathclyde Park and Gill Prescot from Durham in the WC4x getting 3rd place in a time of 3:42.65 and in the WD4x they narrowly missed out getting a medal in 2nd place in 3:39.21, 2:38 seconds behind the winner. This was the second fastest time of all the heats in WD4x.

Eva also competed in the WC2x with Liz from Strathclyde and got 4th place in a time of 4:04.97. Eva braved the waves in her single in the WD1x and got 3rd in 4:28.81.

Martin teamed up with Strathclyde Park and Aberdeen to row in the D4x and managed 6th place in 3:39.46

The weather during Saturdays and Sundays was very different with sun and practically no wind and flat water.

Martin raced in his single in D category and got 8th place in 4:20.48 and 7th place in the composite C4x in 3:41.82

Eva singleD.jpg (125406 bytes)
quadD.jpg (494906 bytes)
photos by Roy Sinclair and Tom Hewitt Eva raced in her WE single, again getting 3rd place in 4:27.34 and 4th overall from
all the heats. She took 5th place (4:12.56) in her composite (with Liz Davidson) WD2x.

On Sunday in the mixed events, Eva teamed up with John Monro (St Andrew’s) to row in the Mixed F2x and finishing in 5th place in 4:22.17 and in the Mixed E4x with Tom Hewitt and Liz from Strathclyde and John from St Andrews they finished 3rd in 3:56.22.


The most successful Scottish athlete was Ailie Ord from Strathclyde Park with 4 gold medals (WC8+, WC2x, WD2x, Mix D4x)

Gordon Kerr won 2 gold medals (MIxE2x, Mix 4x) and his son Stephen Kerr won one (Mix D4x)


All in all, the masters were great fun and the competition was fierce!


Next year the Masters will be held in Germany in Duisburg from the 6th – 9th September. Lets hope that more Loch Lomond Masters will be able to take part.

photographs on Flickr, Roy Sinclair's Photos, Full results of the regatta are available on the link below . The results are in PDF format and are located at the bottom of the page…..  http://www.rowtiming.com/page/results/

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30/08/2011   all results, photos, Snapper Ron's photos
On Sunday 28th August, the re-scheduled CASTLE SEMPLE REGATTA (the original regatta was cancelled in May, due to high winds), took place over a course shortened to 500 metres due to strong winds.

Loch Lomond juniors did very well with 6 first places and lots of very close 2nd places.

Tom Claxton came home with 3 medals - OJU16 4x+ in a SPRC composite, OJU16 2x with Graham Ord (SPRC) and he won comfortable in his single OJU16 1x

Ryan Morrison got 2 medals - winning his single easily (OJU12 1x) and winning very easily in the OJU13 2x with club mate Finlay Watson

Oliver Monteith WON the OJU13 1xFinlay Watson getting 2nd in the same event

The OJU14 4x+ (with Ryan, Oliver, Finlay, Ben) were fighting with the Nithsdale quad all the way, with Nithsdale just getting over the line first.
Oliver and Ben had the same faith with just getting beaten in the OJU14 2x
Ben Cartwright
had a good row in the OJU14 1x getting 3rd

We had 2 seniors/veterans competing - Eva Rankin (vet E) competing in WR2 2x (with Liz Davidson SPRC) and getting 2nd, competing in WOpen 4x- (composite with SPRC and Durham) and getting 2nd and competing in the WR2 1x and again getting 2nd.
Martin Claxton (vet D) competing in MVet 1x C/D and getting 3rd and competing in MVet 4x- (in a composite with SPRC and ABC) and getting 3rd.

4.jpg (352828 bytes)
Martin cs.jpg (279500 bytes)
5.jpg (325864 bytes)
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OJ14 (Large).jpg (119919 bytes) Hawco Inverness Sprint - 2 veteran and 4 junior members of the club did really well in sunny but windy conditions on Saturday 13th August on the waters of the Caledonian Canal. Loch Lomond managed to bring home 3 medals!

Ryan Morrison WON the OJu12 1x, and won the heats of the OJU14 2x with Ben Cartwright, but they lost in the final.

Eva Rankin WON her Vet E 1x final and WON the R2 2x final with Liz Davidson from Strathclyde Park.
Martin Claxton was beaten in the VetD 1x heats. The generation 4x with Emma Rankin, Eva Rankin, Martin Claxton, Ben Cartwright and cox, Ryan Morrison, were also beaten in the heats.
Ben Cartwright did not make the final in his OJU14 1x.
Finlay Watson lost the final in the OJu14 1x and he had a good row in the composite (with SPRC) MNov 4x+ heat, but did not progress to the final.

all results, results of finals

photos, photos from the Inverness website,

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The composite crew OJ16 4x with John Dunse and Calum Michael from Nithsdale and Graham Ord from Strathclyde and Tom Claxton from Loch Lomond WON their heat in 7:38.15 and got 6th in the final with 7:49.78

The OJ16 2x with Tom and Graham were 3rd in their heat (8:21.97) and they got 2nd (8.26.22)in the repechage, which got them into the final. The final was very hard and they were 6th in 8:15.60. WELL DONE boys!!

all results      photos by David Nolan     more photos by David Nolan   photos by Roy Sinclair

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11/07/2011                                                                                               photo by Mary-Ann Millar

Henley Masters Regatta 8th/9th July 2011:

Only two Scottish rowers, Ailie Ord from Strathclyde Park and Eva Rankin from Loch Lomond made it to Henley for the Mastes Regatta. Friday was a very stormy day and unfortunately Eva's single scull was blown off the rack and the force of the impact, split the hull. The boat was unrowable but Mary-Ann Millar came to the rescue with a loan of her boat and Eva WON her WE 1x final which was on Saturday.

Ailie, in a composite with Gill Prescott, was narrowly beaten (by a foot) in the Semi finals in the WD2x. She won the composite 8 with the Barens Bridge Ladies.

for all results and photos, go to the Henley website                                                       

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  SCOTTISH CHAMPIONSHIPS - Strathclyde Park - 11/12 June 2011   all results , photos

Sundays racing was a bit more choppy with a cross and strong head wind and the sun never came out properly.
Loch Lomond managed to get another 3 GOLD medals today which is a total of 7 GOLD medals and 1 SILVER medal for the Championships! The best result for a long time - thanks to the Juniors!
MVet1x1 (Large).jpg (74057 bytes) Ryan Morrison Ju12 managed to get another GOLD medal today (3 all together) in his OJU12 single scull! - WELL DONE RYAN!

The seniors managed to get 2 GOLD medals today with Allan McGregor WINNING the MVetC singles and Eva Rankin WINNING the WVet B-D singles.

WVet1xmedal (Large).jpg (71199 bytes) other results on Sunday were:

- Oliver Monteith - 3rd Place in the OJU13 1x and with Ben Cartwright in the OJU14 2x 5th Place

- Finlay Watson, Michael Sonecki, Gordon Stewart and Ben Cartwright with Ryan Morrison as cox got 4th in the OJu15 4x+

- Tom Claxton - 3rd Place in the OJu16 1x and 3rd Place in the OJU18 2x with Graham Ord (Strathclyde) over 2000m.
- Andy Summers - 2nd Place in the MVetC 1x and with Allan McGregor in the MVetC 2x - 2nd Place
- Eva Rankin rowed in the WVetC-D 2x with Liz Davidson (Strathclyde Park) and after messing up the last 5 strokes got 2nd Place

Saturday started of to be a lovely sunny warm day which changed into a wet, drizzly cold day after lunch. Loch Lomond had one of their best Scottisch Championchips first day by picking up 4 GOLD medals and 1 SILVER medal.

ju134x1 (Large).jpg (55062 bytes) Ryan Morrison Ju12 managed to pick up 2 GOLD and 1 SILVER Medal on the first day of racing!
He raced with Paolo Galano (from Clydesdale ARC) in the OJU12 2x and WON it comfortable.
He also WON the composite OJU12 4x+ with Clydesdale, Nithsdale and Stirling.

Oliver Monteith Ju13 picked up a GOLD and a SILVER medal. The silver medal was from the double with Ryan Morrison in the OJu13 2x by winning their heat easily and getting 2nd place in the final.
He than raced and WON the OJU13 4x+ in a composite with Nithsdale and Stirling.

ju162x1 (Large).jpg (63179 bytes)
Gordon Stewart and Michael Sonecki in their ever first race as OJU15 2x were unlucky not to make it to the final by getting 4th Place in the heats.

Ben Cartright had a tough heat in the OJU14 1x and didn't qualify for the final.

Tom Claxton and Graham Ord (Strathclyde Park) had a very close (by 0.03sec) WIN over the 2000m in the OJU16 2x, picking up a GOLD medal.

In the senior section, Loch Lomond Vet 4+ C with Paul Arnold, Andy Summers, Michael Yeomans, Allan McGregor - cox: Rachel Arnold were 3rd and the same 4 rowed in the VetC 4x getting 3rd Place again

Eva Rankin rowed in a composite with Strathclyde Park (Liz Davidson, Geraldine Byrne, Liz McGovern) in the
WVet 4x B-D but lost out winning by 3 seconds.

ju132xfinal7 (Large).jpg (109157 bytes)   ju122x2 (Large).jpg (94915 bytes)    ju15x2 (Large).jpg (97997 bytes)    vet4e (Large).jpg (126206 bytes)    ju124x1a (Large).jpg (57741 bytes) WVet4x12 (Large).jpg (119433 bytes)

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STRATHCLYDE REGATTA 23+24th April 2010

It was a great regatta - both days had very mixed weather conditions, with sunshine, drizzle and light winds against and with the rowers, which made rowing very variable.   Photographs and all Results

Results Day 1:
After 'ping ponging' from first to second place over 800m, Ryan Morrison came out on top to WIN the OJU 12 1x in 4:46.30 - WELL DONE!

In OJU13 1x Oliver Monteith and Christopher Edwardson, both got second place in their heats and progressed to the final. Oliver battled his way to 3rd PLACE ( 4:24.02) in the final and Christopher to 5th PLACE.(4:47.54)

OJU12 1x winner (Large).jpg (65317 bytes)
The first outing for our OJU15 coxed quad with Oliver Monteith, Ben Cartwright, Thomas Taylor, Gordon Stewart and Paul Edwardson as cox, went very well and they rowed into 3rd PLACE. (3:55.90)

Eva Rankin had a busy day with getting a 2nd PLACE in the WVetRes B 2x (with Liz Davidson) in 4:05.17 and a 2nd PLACE in the WVet B-D 4x (with Liz Davidson, Liz McGovern and Geraldine Byrne) in 3:57.99 rowing in composits with Strathclyde Park.
Eva also held on to her handicap advantage to WIN the WVet B-D 1x in 4: 28.98

Results Day 2:
Loch Lomond Juniors had a terrific Sunday regatta with medals for all of them

Tom Claxton WON the OJU16 2x over 2000m comfortable in a very good time of 7:16.85  in a composite with Graham Ord (SPRC)

juniors.jpg (15714 bytes) Oliver Monteith and Christopher Edwardson WON their OJU13 double by a couple of boat lengths in 4:06.61

The OJU14 4x+ with Christopher, Ryan, Oliver, Ben and Paul as cox rowed their way into a great SECOND PLACE (3:55.77) and were rewarded with a silver medal.

Ryan and Ben managed to qualify for the final of the OJU14 2x and got 5th PLACE in the final in 4:05.06

Eva Rankin and Liz Davidson (SPRC) just missed out holding on to their handicap advantage and got second place by 1.91sec in the WVet B-D 2x in 4:12.65.
The same double rowed in WRes2 2x over 2000m, competing against very young university crews, and managed to secure 4th PLACE in 8:34.83.

Martin Claxton got 6th in his MVet D1x in 4:31.0

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   SCOTTISH INDOOR ROWING CHAMPIONSHIPS - Sunday 23rd January 2011 at Heriot-Watt University,
   Edinburgh. All results are on
the Concept 2 website and some photos taken by Martin Claxton, Roy Sinclair's photos and
   Darroch Photography on Facebook  or Darroch Photography for all his pictures and more photos on

   Committee of the Dee website

A relatively large Loch Lomond team went to Edinburgh to compete in the Indoor Rowing Championships and they did extremely well!.

  Allan McGregor - Men LWT 40-49 years - 1000m - 2nd PLACE  in 3:16.9 and he got
5th PLACE in the Men LWT Open in 6:43.6 for 2000m

  Tom Claxton -  Men Junior 18 - 2000m -  2nd PLACE  in 6:57.9

  Rebecca Lightfoot - Junior LWT 18 - 2000m - 2nd PLACE in 7.59.1 - competed
  for Glasgow University

  Ryan Morrison - Junior 12 - 2min - 3rd PLACE  490m

P1020488.JPG (69970 bytes)
  Giles Galder - Junior 16 - 2000m - 4th PLACE in 7:01.0 - competed for Lomond School

  Martin Claxton - Men HWT 50-59 years - 1000m - 4th PLACE in 3:28.6 - competed for the Royal Navy IRC

  Junior 13 rowing for 3min: 13th PLACE - Oliver Monteith - 738m
                                              18th PLACE - Morgan Serpell - 694m

  Junior 14 rowing for 4min: 9th PLACE - John Barnes - 1115m - competed for Lomond School
                                            13th PLACE - Tom Taylor - 1041m
                                            16th PLACE - Ben Cartwright - 980m

  Junior 15 rowing for 5 min: 20th PLACE - Callum Wilson - 1231m

  In the team events, the mixed Junior 14 team made up from LLRC and Lomond School (Ryan, Ben, Morgan, Oliver)
                                   got 5th PLACE in 3:42.8
                                   the men Junior 18 team the Lomond School team with Tom Claxton got 3rd PLACE in 6:03.9
                                   and the SPRC team with John Barnes got 5th PLACE in 6:17.3
                                   the Men Open team from the Royal Navy RC - (Martin Claxton was part of the team) got
                                  4th PLACE in 5:43.9

   WELL DONE to everyone!