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                            Scottish Indoor Championchips and Scottish Indoor Schools Champs 2014
Scottish Schools:
Heather and Robyn, rowing for Balfron High School, WON the girls S5 team event in 7:33.0 over 2000m. Heather also competed in the individual S5 girls and was 7th in 8:09.0 over 2000m.
Lily, also rowing for Balfron was 2nd in the S1 girls rowing 524m in 2min. She was also 3rd in the mixed S1 team event in 4:05.0 over 1000m with Lily and 2 other girls from Balfron.

Lucy Steel was 9th in the S1 individual event rowing 461m in 2min
Alexander, representing Hermitage Academy, was 3rd in the S3 boys team event in 3:40.0 over 1000m. Alex also did the individual S3 event and was 9th rowing 1053m in 4min.
Scottish Champs:
Lucy Steel was 2nd in the WJ12 rowing 468m in 2min.
Lily Young was 2nd in the WJ13 rowing 767m in 3min - the WJ14 composite team with LLRC/CSRC/ASRA also got the silver medal and they did 1000m in 3:47.6
Alexander Mackinnon was 5th in J14 rowing 1039m in 4min.
Cameron Bell was 7th in the J16 in 7:18.6 over 2000m
Thomas Smith was 13th in the J16 in 7:55.1 over 2000m.
Lucy Bell was 7th in the J18 in 8:23 over 2000m and Rachel Gilles was 8th in 8:46.7.
WELL DONE to everyone!    All results     some photos         

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1st November 2014 Clydesdale Scullers Head
Paul and Eva were the only representative of Loch Lomond in the 5km Clydesdale Scullers head. The weather was very kind to them - no rain, a bit of wind but mild.  Paul raced in the first divisoin and was rewarded 3rd place in the VetD 1x in 19.12 (18.28 after handicap) and Eva was in a composite double with Les (Clydesdale RC) and went down the course in 15.47 (14.20 after handicap).  
 Clydesdale Scullers Head results    some photos    
clydesdale head

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InvernessInvernessHAWCO INVERNESS SPRINT REGATTA 16 August 2014
6 Loch Lomond members raced 500m on the Caledonian Canal in windy conditions with frequent squally showers. 
Heather McKenzie and Robyn Whyte won the WJU16 2x against Clydesdale and Heather also won her final in WJU16 1x.  Both girls raced very well in the WRes2 2x race.
Lily won the WJU14 single against Inverness, but was not so lucky when she teamed up with Craig from Castle Semple in an OJU14 double.
Cameron and Thomas had a very good race in their OJU16 2x and in their OJU16 singles. Martin had a close race, but just missed out in the O Vet 1x.
 LLRC photos    Inverness photos   All results    

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British Junior Championships in Nottingham   19th + 20th July 2014
Lucy and Rachel dragged their coach Graeme and Lucy's mum all the way down to Nottingham to compete in their first British Championships. Unfortunately the weather was very wet at the beginning, but that didn't bother the WJU16 double and they were 7th fastest in the time trial making it to the semi finals! The weather improved the next day and the 2 girls were 4th in their semi final in 8:38.50 which secured them a place in the B final. Lucy and Rachel had a brilliant race in the final winning in 8:34.50. WELL DONE to both of them and their coach Graeme! Keep up the good training!
british junior champs
all the results   photos    

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henley 2014Eva with Liz and Ailie from Strathclyde park went all the way south to the  "Henley Masters Regatta" on the 11th and 12th of July. The weather was very sunny and warm. Unfortunately Eva lost to an American double in her composite (with Jackie Darling - Barnes Bridge Rowing club) but WON in the 4x D with Ailie, Liz (SPRC) and Gill from Durham against Falkon RC.
Other Scottish medals were won by Ailie Ord (SPRC), who won a medals with Gill Prescott (Durham) in WD2x.    All results               

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Eva travelled down to Talkin Tarn regatta on Saturday 5th July to enjoyed sunny, but windy conditions and great racing and some wins.

A huge number of rowers from across the UK aged between 11 and 75 took part in the event. 

After having to give up a handicap of 12 sec to an older crew(F), the composite quad (D) of Ailie, Liz (SPRC), Gill (Durham) and Eva still managed to win comfortable.
Eva also won in the Mixed double (D) with Les from Clydesdale.

All results       

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durham15th June 2014 - 181st Durham Regatta  on facebook
This regatta is one of the premier events in the northern racing calendar. Racing takes place over 700 metres with the elite menís and womenís events being competed over 1800 metres. This 1800 metre course requires that crews negotiate the historic Elvet Bridge at full race pace.
Eva rowed in a composite with Gill Prescott from Durham over the longer course of 1800m    
(and going through the narrow bridge) in WElite 2x and after rowing a time trial than an 'A' semi final and in the final Eva and Gill WON  by a canvas over a crew from Durham university! WELL DONE!   all results   photos

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14th June 2014 - Castle Semple Regatta

The sun was shining, the water was flat and Lucy and Rachel WON the  WJu16 2x. The girls were 1st in their heat and so was Heather and Robyn and in the final the two Loch Lomond doubles were side by side most of the race and Lucy and Rachel managed to push ahead at the end.
Lily had a very busy day and she was a very close 2nd in the WJu13 1x, was 4th in the heat of the WJu14 2x with Jemma, won the heat in the Ju13 2x with Alexander and than was 4th in the final.
lucy rachel
Jemma was 5th in her heat in the WJu 14 1x, Alexander was 2nd in his heat in the Ju13 1x.
Thomas was 3rd in his heat and Cameron was 4th in the other heat in the Ju15 singles.  In their double the boys were 3rd in the final.
The W Nov 4x with Louise, Tammy, Sarah and Donna had a good race in the heat (3rd) and were 5th in the final. Andy doubled up with Tammy to do a R1 mixed double and they were 5th in their race.
Paul is getting stronger all the time and he was 4th in his Vet single race!
all results   photos  LLRC photos    

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scottish champs scottish champs Scottish Championships 31st May/ 1st June 2014 Strathclyde Park

Loch Lomond Rowing Club had a brilliant Scottish Championships (with all events being rowed over 1500m) with 2 Scottish Champions, 1 Scottish School Champion. WELL DONE to everyone!
The rowing conditions were very good with the weather being very sunny and hardly any wind on the first day and a bit of rain on the second day - Strathclyde Park at its best
On the first day of the Champs. Tammy and Sahra just missed out  to progress to the Semifinals by getting 4th in the WNov 2x (6:39.80) In the same event Heather and Robyn were 2nd (6:37.20) in their heat, 3rd (6:40.30) in their Semifinals and 4th in the Finals (6:38.60).
Cameron and Thomas were 4th in the OJu 15 2x (6:17.90).  In their singles they were both 6th in their heats in the OJu15 1x.
Lily stormed ahead of everyone in the WJu12 1x (7:21.30) and WON convincingly to become Scottish Champion! WELL DONE!
Lily and Jemma just missed out to get into the final of the WJU14 2x by being 4th in their heat (7:16.50).
Rachel and Lucy won their heat in the WJU16 2x (6:36.90) and just missed out on the medals by getting 4th (6:17.80) in the final.
Heather and Robyn were 3rd in the WJu16 2x (6:39.60) and had a brilliant row in the final to get 3rd place (6:14.20) and they WON the School Girls under 16 double.
Eva WON the WVet B-D 4x in a composite with Liz, Ailie and Julie from Strathclyde Park (5:57.90).
Andy was 2nd in the OVet CD 4x (5:33.60) also in a composite with Strathclyde Park.
Paul tried out the new format of the time trial and he rowed the 1400m in 6:46.71 in the heat and the 1500m in 7:06.70 in the final
On the second day Andy was 3rd in the OVet 2x (6:07.70) in a composite with SPRC.
The WNov 4x with Tammy, Sarah, Donna and Louise did realy well for their 2nd race outing and got 5th in 7:00.30!
Paul was 4th in the OVet 1x in 7:16.80.
Eva tried out the time trial competing against a lot of very young women and did 6:38 in the trial and 6:44.10 in the final.

WELL DONE to everyone - you all did your best!   all results   LLRC photos  Snapper Rons photos Saturday  Sunday     
British Masters Championships 18th May- Nottingham          
Eva and Paul ventured all the way down south to represent Loch Lomond at the British Masters Champ. The weather was very sunny (25C) but a bit breezy with a side / head wind.
Paul had an early morning start and he finished 5th in the Int3 1x Vet D race.
Eva competed in the W Vet E/F 2x with Gill from Durham. They had a very hard race, since the Vet F double got a 9 second head start, but they managed to overtake them in the last 100m to claim GOLD!

The W Vet D 4x with Gill from Durham and Ailie and Liz from Strathclyde didn't go off to a good start, but the quad made up most of the lost time in the last 500m, but run out of course to overtake the leaders. The time was 3:49.1 -  01.2 sec. behind the winners.
all results  For some photos go to the "Big Blade" website  (Race 322 - Paul. Race 398 - Eva and Gill, Race 427 - Tom and John, Race 461 - Quad with eva, Gill, Ailie and Liz)            
clydesdale Clydesdale Regatta 17th May
8 Juniors and 2 adults competed in the Clydesdale Regatta. For some it was their first regatta and they all did well.
In the WNov2x Sarah and Tammy beat the Strathclyde Uni double but in the next round the St Andrews double proofed to be too strong for them, but it was close. Heather and Robyn also competed in the WNov2x and they won their heat, their semi finals and they also WON the final! - WELL DONE!
In the WJu 16 2x Heather and Robyn got through the heats beating Castle Semple, but never managed to progress to the finals. Lucy and Rachel beat the Clydesdale double in the heats, but in their semi finals they found a tree they rather liked and got stuck on it.
Cameron and Thomas had a brilliant first regatta race by winning their OJu2x beating Glasgow Schools WELL DONE!
Both boys than singled and they had a great row, but the competition was too strong for them.
Lily and Jemma competed in the WJU14 2x and beat Castle Semple in the semi finals, but got beaten in the finals. The girls than singled in the WJU14 1x and Jemma didn't manage to hold off the St Andrew's girl in the heat, but Lily (only 12 years old) had a rowover and a good race in the semi finals.
WELL DONE to everyone - all this hard training is paying off!
All results     LLRC photos   David Nolans photos   all results                        
26/27/04/2014  Strathclyde Park Regatta
Congratulations to our 11 members who competed at the SPRC Regatta in pretty challenging conditions, particularly on Saturday with a very strong head wind and very choppy conditions. For some it was their first experience racing in a regatta!
On Saturday, Lily Young, who is only 12 years old and Jemma Whyte raced for the first time ever and had a brilliant row in their heat of the WJU14 2x to get 3rd place and a well deserved place in the final (9:09.40). In the final, unfortunately they messed up on the start but started to catch up at the end and they were placed 5th (8:40.30). WELL DONE!

SPRC regatta
Lucy Bell and Rachel Gilles were 3rd in their heat (7:19.80) in the WJU16 2x and they tried very hard in their final to get 3rd place (7:38.00) WELL DONE!
Eva was in a composite WVet D 4x with Ailie and Liz from Strathclyde and Gill from Durham and WON in 6:50.20. Eva also competed in the Open Vet F 2x (against men) with Les from Clydesdale and did beat some all men crews, but only got 3rd overall (7:12.30). The winning crew got a 12 sec head start since they were Vet G.
On Sunday the weather was slightly better and we had Heather Mckenzie competing in the WJU16 1x and she got 4th in the heat (7.15.90), just missing the final by 1 place.
Martin was 4th in the OVet E 1x (7.16.30).
Our very new W Nov 4x+ (Donna, Sarah, Tammy and Louise) had their first taste of competition and they finished 5th in their heat. (7:41.30)!
WELL DONE to everyone!

LLRC photosall results  
york head 15/03/14 York Head of the River                                                                                         Eva went down to York to race in a composite W Vet E 2x with Gill from Durham, 5100m downstream on the river Ouse from Rawcliffe Landing to Lendal Bridge, in the heart of York. The weather was windy - fortunately a tale wind - but quite plesant.
Gill and Eva were the fastest women double in 20.53.7 (handicapped 19.29.7) and they beat their opponents WVet C2x by over 2 minutes. WELL DONE!
all results      

22/02/2014   Inverness Eights and Small Boats Head
6 LLRC junior members and 5 adult members ventured to Inverness to row on the Caledonian Canal for 4500m. The weather conditions were very good with sunshine and some wind.
Lucy and Rachel rowed in the 1st Division winning the WJ16 2x in 19:17.32 with Heather and Robyn gaining 3rd place(20:20.19). In the WNov 2x Sarah and Tammy (21:53.82) won their category and beat their team mates Lesley and Donna (25:55.41). 
in the OJ16 1x Cameron was 3rd in 22:06.05 and Thomas 4th in 22:57.83.
inverness 2014
Cameron and Thomas doubled up in the 2nd Division and were 3rd in the OJ162x in 20:51.66
Martin Claxton rowed in the MVetE 1x in a time of 19:50.28 handicapped (21:08.28) 
all results on the Inverness webpage  Martin's photos  
Snapper Ron's photos                                         
rutherford Rutherford Head 30th November 2013 on the river Tyne

Eva went down to England to race over 5000m on the river Tyne from Scotswood to Newburn in a coxless quad with Gill Prescott from Duham and Ailie Ord and Liz Davidson from SPRC. The conditions were sunny (in the first division), but cold, specially on the start and a slight headwind!
In the 1st Dev. the quad was the fastest WIM2 4x in 17:36.4min and 44th place overall (out of 106 boats) including men's and women's 8's.
In the 2nd Dev. the tide, the flow of the river and the wind were against everyone therefore the times were slower. The quad rowed as a  W veteran D quad in 20:47.5 (19:36.5 with a handicap) and won the D/F category.
Tom Claxton, rowing for Edinburgh University at the moment were the fastest crew in the second division in 16:56.7 - Well done!
all results
photos are on: www.facebook.com/EvieHarrisonPhotography      www.facebook.com/northernrowing/photos_albums
glasgow head GLASGOW FOURS HEAD - 9th Nov. 2013
On a beautiful, sunny, calm but cold Saturday, Robyn, Heather, Lucy, Rachel, cox: Lily competed as WR2 4x+ going downstream on the Clyde for approx. 5000m.
They had a very good row and finished 3rd in WR2 4x+ and 21st overall in a good time of 16.00 min. Well Done!!

all results    Loch Lomond photos            more photos on facebook